25 years making ready-to-fill bases

At Confiletas we make bases for miniature cuisine. We believe big results can be achieved with little things.
Our bases are produced with the finest ingredients and have an extraordinary ability remain unaltered at high temperatures and for prolonged periods of time. The perfect bases for your tiny creations.

Our Company

Confiletas is the leading Spanish manufacturer of food bases and a global leader in its sector.

Founded in 1989, with head office in the Region of Murcia (Spain), it produces and distributes sweet and savoury bases to the industrial and food-service sectors, and to end consumers, with operations throughout much of the world: Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

We use traditional techniques to produce more than 100 different products on an industrial scale, while guaranteeing, at all times, that the product is consistent and compliant with food safety standards (BRC/IFS/ISO9001), in addition to responsibly using the finest ingredients.

By using our bases for miniature cuisine, you will save production costs and time. They have a neutral flavour, to avoid affecting the taste of the ingredients you use in your sweet and savoury creations.

Bases for nibbles, finger food, appetisers, buffets, cocktails and general cuisine and dessert-making. Little mouthfuls, miniature creations that only you, with your inspiration and creativity, will make different. This is why we think you make them unique.

At Confiletas, we are committed to our customers and to adapting our products as far as possible to their specific needs.

We fulfil this promise based on four principles that represent our guarantee:

  • To adapt to the specific needs of our customers.
  • Production capacity. Enables us to provide an agile response to all these needs.
  • Quality and Innovation. Leading innovation in the sector, combined with monitoring quality and our production processes.
  • As proven by the 25 years Confiletas has been operating in its market.
Production capacity

Our History



Founded to offer the market a product range that, at the time, was completely innovative: «ready-to-fill» sweet and savoury food bases.

Rafael Saura Martínez began selling his idea for «food bases» with the first samples of recently baked tartlets, as part of the shortcrust pastry line. They were a finished product that would save time and money for independent and industrial pastry-makers, restaurants, hotels and catering companies. Confiletas soon positioned itself as the national market leader and began expanding its product range, with a new puff-pastry line for vol-au-vents and a manual puff-pastry line for making cones and rods.



Confiletas grew and was forced to increase the size of its facilities. Extensions and improvements were made to existing tartlet and vol-au-vent lines, and a new flat-sponge line was introduced. It then began the arduous task of ensuring quality and consistency in its manufacturing processes, which soon bore fruit when the company obtained its ISO quality certificates.



The first tartlet that opened the door to what Confiletas has now become, is what we now call «the classic» 16-peak tartlet. The new LOGO pays homage to the essence of Confiletas: the silhouette of the classic, unmistakable, 16-peak tartlet.



Some would say 25 years is a lifetime, but for us, speaking in culinary terms, it is no more than an appetiser. Since Confiletas first began manufacturing food bases, we have seen the passage of time, worked hard, been consistent, created memories, worked hard again, been part of a team effort and wanted to do things really well.

For us, it is the beginning of something else: the main course on the menu is on its way. It has been simmering, in expert hands, which have improved the recipe every day and suggested new creations, as ingenious as they are delicious. It’s time to try the new Confiletas, that absolutely delicious dish… with a strong base.

We want you to enjoy our products with the peace of mind created by our know-how, the finest quality being ensured throughout manufacture, our immediate response to orders and the guarantee that we are here, so your recipes shine on our bases for your miniature cuisine.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.